2018 Shared Value Report ONCE Foundation

2018 Shared Value Report ONCE Foundation

Autor/es: Fundación ONCE


Report from the ONCE Foundation, one of the executive areas of our ONCE Social Group which, as you know, is the result of the joint action of ONCE, the ONCE Foundation and Ilunion to contribute more and more to citizens and to maintain our maxim: to give back, many times over, the resources we use, in the form of social services and life opportunities for blind people and people with other disabilities.

Editorial: Fundación ONCE/Vía Libre

Materia: Discapacidad

Año de publicación: 2019

Descriptor: Informe de Valor Compartido

Fecha de catalogación: 2019

Formato: Informes

Soporte: Biblioteca Online

Referencia: 0233/2019

Colección: Memoria de Actividades

Idioma: Inglés

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