Ableism in Academia Theorising experiences of disabilities and chronic illnesses in higher education

In the contemporary context of social rights and activist movements such as those associated with combatting sexual harassment, gun and knife crime or climate change, we can observe a typical pattern of public responses. These movements offer voices to those who are marginalised, and indeed provide the confidence needed for many people to stand up for specific issues. This, in turn, increases awareness and understanding of and for the marginalised.

Qualitative research on barriers to progression of disabled scientists

The Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC), provides research, intelligence and innovation services for all those who support the career development of people of all ages and in all sectors. CRAC works in partnership with government agencies, education organisations and providers and employers and professional bodies. CRAC is a registered charity No 313164 established in 1964. CRAC’s research and consultancy work focuses on career-related learning, employability development and career transitions, including STEM and researcher careers.

Hacia una comunicación inclusiva de la ciencia: reflexiones y acciones de éxito

FECYT ha editado la publicación digital y accesible “Hacia una comunicación inclusiva de la ciencia: Reflexiones y acciones de éxito” para abordar los principales aspectos que se deben tener en cuenta para el diseño y ejecución de proyectos de divulgación científica con un enfoque inclusivo. Para ello, se han analizado estudios recientes sobre el tema y se ha contado con la colaboración de expertos y entidades que están trabajando en este ámbito.



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